Our Why

Whether your goal is to acquire clients, acquire assets, acquire firms, or acquire knowledge, our mission is to inspire innovation in the way advisors serve their clients and the way firms serve their advisors.

Our Services

We are passionate about helping financial advisors reap the benefits of independent business ownership. With consultative expertise spanning the business lifecycle, we advise on strategies to create, protect, grow, and ultimately transition your business.

Business Start-Up

Launching an independent practice or RIA? Re-evaluating your existing infrastructure? Let us focus on the business side of the business while you focus on your top priority, your clients. With support in the areas of Entity Structure, Real Estate, Insurance and Benefits, and Operations, we ensure you cover all of your bases.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is a process, not an event. By providing a framework for evaluating your options, and the support to execute on your desired strategy, We ensure that you have the opportunity to transition on your terms.

M&A Consulting

From the first meeting to the closing table, our team serves as an advocate for our client, providing support in the areas of due diligence, business valuation, deal structure, and financing while working hand in hand with your team of CPAs and attorneys.

Advisor Recruiting

To attract the industry's top advisors, you must have complete clarity in your vision and discipline in your approach. As an extension of your recruiting team, we help in articulating and packaging your value proposition, evaluating affiliation models and compensation structures, and provide the tactical support to close the prospect.